Please note:

The 12 Hour Couture Flower Making Class
is not availabe for the time being
until further notice

12 Hour Couture Flower Making Class
(Not available for the time being)

In this Couture Flower Making Class, you will make fabric flowers using traditionnal flower making irons.
Participants will take away 1 - 2 finished couture flowers.

Learn how to:

  • Make petal patterns.
  • Make leaf patterns.
  • Stiffen fabric for flower making.
  • Dye and use watercolours to colour petals and leaves.
  • Cut fabric on the bias.
  • Cut petals in silk, cotton, wool or linen.
  • Shape petals and leaves using traditional flower making tools and irons.
  • Assemble flowers and make stamens and buds.
  • Make finished stems.

About the class:

  • Tea and coffee available.
  • Students may bring a lunch or snack with them to every lesson.
  • Use of all blocks, cottons, needles, pins and stiffeners are included in the price.
    Bring your own notebook, scissors, thimble, apron.
    Students purchase all straws, felts, fabrics and canvas. See our page "
    What to bring on your first day"
  • Classes are ongoing and can be joined at any time.
  • No previous sewing skills required.
  • Classes are taught in small groups, 3 to 4 students maximum per class.
  • Classes are taught in a relaxed atmosphere and students will work at their own pace.

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Please note: To avoid lack of availability and disappointment, all classes must be reserved at the time of booking. All courses must be completed within one year from the date of booking

Important - Please note: Under no circumstances are Prudence's blocks to be copied either in spartra , buckram or canvas . Nor are they to be reproduced in wood for personal or professional use. The blocks in the workroom are Prudence's own design and, therefore, remain intellectual property of Prudence. Prudence lets all students use these blocks for the purpose of study only.
Thank you for your understanding.