What to bring on your first day

If you are taking the Couture Flower Making classes:

You will need to bring with you :

A selection of 3 or 4 fabrics that you like, at least 20 cm wide.
Must be 100% natural: silk, cotton, linen or wool (or a mix of any of the 4)

You will also need to bring with you:

1 box of leaf gelatine, available from any supermarket in the bakery section (important).
Note book
Spools of thread to match the colours of your fabrics

All other supplies i.e. pins, regular needles, scissors, threads, are supplied by Prudence Millinery.

All materials can be purchased at :

Online (short selection, more to be found with Google):

In London stores:
John Lewis in Oxford Street, (fabrics only) fabric section
MacCulloch & Wallis in Poland Street

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